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Jill Pritchard

Massage Therapy

Jill Pritchard (LSSM, MLD UK, ITEC, TYM Dip)    

has been a qualified massage therapist since 1986.

At the start of the appointment she will spend time discussing the nature of the problem you are bringing to her and the best approach to help you.

Jill is able to use a variety of approaches to meet the tissue quality of the client

Treatment styles are often divided into different categories

Deep Tissue Massage

Drawing from a variety of sports and remedial massage techniques, this treatment aims to release long-term muscle holding patterns. It is tailored to the individual and is excellent for alleviating stress and tension built up in the body over time.  

This is a deep tissue treatment suitable for anyone who likes a strong massage.

massage leg

Beneficial for  : clearing areas of congestion – swollen ankles, legs and puffy eyes

 primary and secondary lymphoedema

 enhancing deep relaxation

 detox when combined with dietary adjustments

 conditions such as sinusitis and headaches

 pre and post-op plastic surgery

This treatment is received without the use of oil.

General Intuitive Massage

A massage that promotes well-being and relaxation on a mental and a physical level.

Firm flowing strokes are used to locate and relieve tight, tender muscles and encourage deep relaxation.

massage shoulder

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A powerfully relaxing and gentle treatment which involves a series of slow, gentle, repetitive strokes applied to the skin. This stimulates the Lymphatic System to function at its optimum level.


The Lymphatic System is an integral part of the body’s immune system. It drains, transports, filters and removes bacteria and waste products from the body’s tissues, much like a waste disposal and recycling system.


Jill is a truly amazing masseuse. For being so small it is remarkable that her deep tissue massage is so effective, and  is better than any I have ever had  ( and I have had more than a few over the years…)  She has an excellent knowledge of the body and muscle groups, and never fails to make you feel better.  My whole family are huge fans . Highly recommend her, in particular if you like your massage strong and  deep.                                         

  HM  Name and address supplied


Jill is an experienced masseur. She has great hands. You can tell that when she puts her hands onto your body, you are not just another lump of flesh; she seeks out the knots and tension particular to you. It is reassuring and invites trust, encouraging you to surrender to her kneading fingers.

Whenever I have a massage I come away feeling lighter, with more spring in my step. It's invigorating and relaxing at the same time!

                                             ME  Name & address supplied                                                                                 

As a regular receiver of massages, I can honestly say I have never experienced anyone as intuitive and strong as jill. I have on going back problems as a result of my work, and whenever I have a treatment, not only do I feel relaxed, I feel completely re aligned too. Her skills go way beyond that of a usual massage therapist. I highly recommend an hour with her. It will transform you!

    KL Name and address supplied


Fees for Massage Therapy:  

Please phone for details

Jill has had to leave but we now have an

excellent new experienced lady masseuse working here


What happens at the 1st session do you take a case history?

Yes at the 1st Session a case history is taken to make sure the massage is tailored to your needs

What do I wear?

You will expect to remove outer clothing and to wear your underwear. Please bear in mind that oil is used in deep tissue massage, but no oil is used in manual lymphatic drainage.

How much does it cost? See above