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Osteopathy is for the whole family

People of all ages come to see us for a wide range of problems. Our oldest patient being 97 and our youngest 3 days old.

Each phase of life provides its own challenges and it is with great pleasure that we have been able to help people of all age groups improve their potential to live their lives to their best advantage.

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See our article ‘Osteopathy for Everyone: ‘Treating Adults’  to understand how we can do this.

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 ‘My first visit to Jeremy Gilbey was because I had damaged my shoulders by carrying heavy bags and no treatment had resolved the problem.  I arrived in great pain and rather incapacitated, but after Jeremy’s first, gentle treatment I felt a weight lifted and the pain eased.  Subsequent treatments resolved the problem completely.

I continue to visit Jeremy, in parallel with my Alexander Technique classes, and I benefit both physically and mentally.  I am helped to relax and release inner tensions, which is healing for both the body and the mind.’

Testimonial from grandmother in her 70s

Treating the individual rather than the symptoms allows us to assist the body in its attempt to resolve these problems of disturbed function.

 Our philosophy of only doing what is necessary to overcome the barrier to health, and let the body`s own inherent wisdom get on with the work, means that the techniques your Osteopath uses to restore harmony to the body is usually gentle and very specific.   

 The sense of touch (palpation) developed during years of training, allows the gathering of important diagnostic information. This permits the Osteopath to make a skilled minimal intervention through the body`s neuro-muscular skeletal system which has a profound effect on the total body economy.

After living with a chronic back problem for thirteen years, Crista Galli were recommended to me in 2001. I must admit I was sceptical that any practice would help resolve my problem. How wrong was I! Jeremy treated the underlying problem rather than the consequence. Now I just need a regular maintenance treatment every three months. I cannot recommend the practice highly enough. They have helped me enjoy a life without back related crises and for that I am truly thankful.                               JW NW6

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Unless you are in severe pain your Osteopath will rarely see you more than once a week. This allows your body time to respond to the treatment given and optimises the treatment process, meaning less treatment in the long run. It also allows the best attention to the underlying cause of the current symptoms in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the possibilities of reoccurrence.

A full list of testimonials can be viewed on our testimonials page

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