The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a process of re-education of mind and body. Through a course of lessons you, the pupil, will learn to release muscle tension and mental stress and rediscover the natural poise you were born with.

How does it work?

In Alexander lessons, the teacher helps the pupil recognise the habits which interfere and stop things from working well, hence causing pain and discomfort during daily life. All lessons will be with our Alexander specialist Bryce Rome.

What happens at the first lesson and do you take a case history?

Yes the first lesson is usually about 15 mins longer (no extra charge) in order to tailor the sessions more effectively to your needs

Cost of lessons:

  • £45 for a 40-minute lesson
  • 10% discount for block bookings of 10 lessons
  • 20 minute taster sessions are available on request

The teacher and pupil will work with everyday movements such as standing, sitting and walking. Through explanation and hands on guidance the teacher will show the pupil how to avoid old habitual and harmful ways thus making way for new responses.

The technique can be taught on a one-to-one basis or in pairs where observation of the work can be very educational. Participants remain fully clothed and are recommended to wear loose fitting clothes for ease of movement.

Clients Comments

‘I have been doing the Alexander Technique for 20 years. I find it has benefited me in countless ways (not least as a singer). In that time I have had three wonderful teachers and I count Bryce as one of them. The Alexander Technique is all about releasing tensions, and so it’s essential the teacher is relaxed and able to create an informal but work oriented atmosphere. What‘s wonderful about working with Bryce is his ability to combine persistent good cheer, professionalism and a reliably friendly disposition. Makes learning a treat.’

Eileen, Mother and Teacher

‘I started the Alexander Technique because I had long term problems with my back caused by an injury as a teenager. Even after just one session with Bryce, I was amazed that I was experiencing so much less pain. Alexander Technique is great because it’s not something you do for just an hour per week – it becomes something you think about regularly without even realising it which is why its effects are so good and also long term. I would really recommend it to anyone who has tried pain relief methods before which haven’t worked.’  

Jessie, Marketing coordinator
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