In the late 1990’s David Newbound and I met at a friend’s birthday party. On finding out that I was an Osteopath he challenged me to help him with his unresolved whiplash injury which he had received in his youth.

The pain was causing him daily pain, and he had pursued many pathways to try to find a resolution.

I’m pleased to say he made great progress as a result of Osteopathic treatment and regular use of the Mobiliser.  I have since purchased a Mobiliser for use in my London practice. I find it useful for patients with long term problems who benefit from regular usage to encourage mobility in particular regions of the spine and ribs. The patients come in regularly for a 15 min session, and I believe it reduces the amount of Osteopathic treatment that they require by assisting in integrating the spinal curves through the body.

Some of my patients have hired and bought Mobilisers to great effect, and have continued to use them for years without losing their enthusiasm. As well as using it for patients, I also welcome visitors (by appointment!) to test it at my Bayswater practice. This can be combined with full assessment at practice rates if required.

Cost for use of the Mobiliser is £10 for a 15 minute  programme  

The mobiliser is used by sports persons in many fields including horse riding, golf, rowing, football and athletics.
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Back In Action have also supplied some of my waiting room furniture. This unusual and surprisingly comfortable furniture often attracts comments from visitors. When it came time to purchase my own chairs for daily use I was surprised at the amount of time staff spent (2 hours) making sure I got the right chair for me. Interestingly this was not the one I expected, but over the years it continues to serve me very well. I am happy to recommend them (with no material benefit to myself) to patients for their back care needs. Clear space in your diary and make an appointment!

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