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Osteopathy History

The History of Osteopathy

Osteopathy was founded in the late 1800s by Andrew Taylor Still, an American physician and surgeon who viewed the body as having the natural ability to recover from ill health when functioning effectively. He developed an approach that integrated manual techniques…

We are open as usual

Crista Galli Osteopathy West London

In Lockdown again and we are still here during the January+ 2021 Covid lockdown. We will remain OPEN to help the local community in any way we can. We treat patients of all ages, and are one of the health…

Short Video Series

Crista Galli Osteopathy West London

We are pleased to announce a series of short videos aimed at helping you understand our practices I hope this series will provide some information for you about the practice and enable you to understand a little more about the…

COVID-19 Update


The practice is remaining open with reception cover during this next phaseof Lockdown. Please let us know and stay away if you are suffering the symptoms of COVID-19 or are livingwith someone who is self-isolating and we will find you…

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